Preparing for Capture

by Illogic and Blockhead



released June 5, 2012


all rights reserved


Track Name: Matter of Minutes
Completely out of his mind in a matter of minuets
Every foot step is by design As a matter of fact
Believe me if I could define the start from finish
I would recline relaxed in my lazy boy till the machines collapse
Mechanical mechanism movement Malice in each smile
Literal Canvas splashes conducive to balance on any scale
The vanity of your religions abuse is valid with every mile
Yet from justice you remain elusive as far as I can tell
If there were only another tobacco fix the chop sticks could pick up the pieces
Watch this broken heart dismantle to bits with an inhale
Lost in a translation twist Language is fragile as peace is
See we wish we could just flip a switch ditch normalcy and set sale.
Random acts of status quo becomes the daily mathematics
Madness starts to grow with every casualty of choice
Actions start to slow your pace declines as you be come an addict
Yearning for the hope of first discovering your voice
Simultaneous laughter and sadness Circulates as Mary go rounds
So long since there’s been a miracle round these parts
Notice after the trailers foretell tragedy Pageantry not a sound
Dead end clock in cinemas real on the reel so bleed art
It's all Paintbrushes Kaleidoscopes Colored pencils
It’s a lot easier to discover stencils then to remain an original
If you can find the hope to sniff that keeps you high because you mind is dope
The gift that you’ll unfold is just the tip of what you’re called to do.
Track Name: Poster Boy
We here to set the vibe for the day
Watch how we play
Live is the way we live Sorry for the delay
The Mascot for have not’s
And despising the decay
Of hip Hop And it don’t stop

Sick of the sun rise dying to birth this dismal darkness
Bathing in sunshine at every chance as a starving artist
Living 3/4s of the dream (more open to things)
Dodging Scorpion Stings do to the intricacies of the rhyme scheme
(Bring legs to the table) to take a stand we demand change
(Though The Climates unstable) open hands can expand range
I’m finding it a challenge just to listen
To the blisterin cold spittin of the talent less division
Inflicted with inflated narcissism promoting a heartless
Vision that will eventually lead to selling souls for an imploding Mission
The greed and self aggrandizing of these broken pistons
Exposing the loathing of one’s self is a desensitizing Advertisement
And while smiling you keep buying all of the Lying that they’ve written
While I’m here trying to be an upright citizen with the gift I’ve been given

The poster boy for artistry
Walking the fine line of the Sky line to share a part of me
Crowned by Divine right se hindsight has taught me
To take it to the edge of my head and skydive
Its so live to be alive
Simply brilliant
Today’s made for bet laid plans
Just put your hands to the ceiling and take it there
Who cares if they stare don’t fight the feeling
We’ve broken bread between us now
We’re family spilling calamity candidly


Mythical Tales of trivial triumphs told
To boost physical sales
And the Carp is biting
The old has become classic the new to become plastic
Igniting a generations melting while
Honoring the most average Patron
Empty elixir to a savage nation
You’d think it was the Catalina wine mixer the way their salivating
Most waiting the emergence of greatness
Knowing that their purchase worth it and
Worthy the bless the eardrum surface
Illogic here to spread a hearts worth of artwork
Along with blockhead who lays the undertow where the sharks lurk
(Master of the voice box) Beats knock like the cops came
Lucid limericks mimic the precision of tidal waves
me and sound found a little hide away
With just enough space for my style the play
In the obscure Depths of the ocean Floor Flesh
I dabble in everything that you long for
And the a lot more where that came from.


Track Name: Teach Me to Learn
(Verse 1)

Teach me to write
and I’ll bring life to the page with the pen
till words walk upright and take flight.
I’ll craft a masterpiece
of vivid visits to bridges of imagery
concocting scores to absorb your energy.

Teach me to speak
and I’ll do things with speech never seen.
My voice will paint scenes for the disturbed
and give words a color scheme.
Thought is the stream that feed the rivers of language
So allow you’re self to drown
I promise it’s painless; honest.

Teach me to love
and the sun will never set on your anxieties.
It will be worth it.
I know I’m not perfect, but I’ll try to be.
I’ll collect each tear that rains from your cloudy eyes
as a reminder that the pain dries
with the sunrise.

Teach me to listen
to avoid land mines and sand traps
and I’ll find my way by sniffing the sound
of the hand claps.
I have to relax
before I relapse and loose track
of the highlighted path I had marked on the map.

Teach me teach
and I’ll never cease to preach the gospel,
I’ll yell war till my thoughts soar to reach apostles,
I’ll walk on water and turn the water to wine
if it takes for ever that’s better
I’ve got nothing but time.

If you teach me then I’ll learn to be a human being active,
I was told the steps to take
I just haven’t had the practice.
I was to consumed with how to graduate the fastest;
but when fate broke the rose colored glass
I aced my classes.

If you teach me then I’ll learn,
just keep curriculum cohesive,
educate me in the promise land
of times sandy beaches.
Open the book of life to recite the lessons for today
so I can finally realize what peace is.

(Verse 2)

I have to learn to walk
so I can get off my hands and knees;
Be a man stand and believe
there’s forest beyond the trees;
To know there’s still life beyond the withered leaves;
To know there’s still warmth beyond the bitter breeze.

I have to learn to breath
and these cartons of cancer aren’t helping.
I know it’s three parts suicide
and one part rebellion.
I seldom desire what’s left or right,
I just hope the merch in the van is packed tight
so I don’t get left tonight.

I have to learn to escape,
because I hate being atop this auction block
waiting on display for the highest bidder.
My patrons today will stay vibrant;
I figure silence is the most dangerous violence in painted

I have to learn to give,
because I can take with the best of them.

I have to learn to swim
so I don’t drown in my ego.

I have to learn to live
so I don’t die with the rest of them.
I have to learn to accept
the words I say affects the people.

Teach me to sing
so I can bring harmony to the chaos.
There’s more to explore with making noise then getting famous.

I have to learn that the joy is where the pain is,
so we earth dwellers can put away our umbrellas when the rain ends.

(Repeat to fade)
Track Name: Caffeine Budget
I got a nicotine habit with a caffeine budget
Swinging in a pristine hammock with the magic to function
The rabbit hole is calling frantic without any assumptions
I’m hear waiting with anticipation for the mad hatter to punch in
Vigilantly Justice draped in a fancy dialog
Your lack luster insurgence can’t see the Forrest for the fog
I’ll hang you by the chorus for the love of repetition
Then Hang you by the chorus for the love of repetition
Circus side show simpleton with a hat to match
Driven insane after a detour through the cabbage patch
Dancing with the devil holding a double goose while I a 2 step
5 slugs and one empty chamber is how were playing roulette
Well color me psychopath with a hint of Sky blue
Completely Lost contact with my conscience as it died with the daylight
I only laugh when inspired by the truth
Every foot step is a conquest of what’s left to stay right...
Track Name: HERstory
She was ten to twelve, hell immersed. She burst into tears when pops popped moms daily. Daily operation of defensive mechanics left her trust issues in the forefront, now she’s twenty simply timid to love. Above all she wanted to feel. She was haunted by memory reels of the bloody noses her mom rocked to sleep. Her self-esteem was a mountain too steep to climb so at times she’d sniff lines to leave he mind and find safety. She had nothing to stand for so she fell for everything voluntarily while longing to lead a life worth cherishing.

This lead to one night of binging with alcohol, cigarettes, ex, coke and weed smoke which caused her to feel so empty. But the multitudes of men manipulated her melancholy. The only thing she felt the only thing she could control was her body. Her innocence was lost at 14, she left home at 16 with the clothes on her back and a duffel bag of shattered dreams. She camouflaged her screams with eyeliner and empty smiles, while the sunbeams beamed with a brilliance that was seen for miles. She needed someone to care but no one was there. Her best friends were Jack Daniels and a ragged childhood teddy bear companion. She floated on a sea of promise that trickled down the drain untill she crossed paths with a man who actually asked for her name. The sincerity in his eyes was a disguise that she was blinded by and for the first time she wanted to trust and didn’t know why.

The next few weeks she couldn’t believe,
because out of nowhere her Knight in shining armor
galloped by on his noble steed. He showered her with hugs and unconditional love plus he had access to all the drugs she’d need. He gave her a sense of security and purpose and for the first time in her life she didn’t feel worthless. He was her savior, thorn crown and all.
Now she soars above clouds with no plans to fall.

His rep preceded every step he took because he was a hustler by nature, believe me whatever your taste he had the flavor. Weeks turned to months and with that
sniffed lines turned to needle tracks. The soft words turned to hard slaps and the memory reels played back.
Now she rock’s to sleep bloody noses and black eyes
crying why, shot lies in her veins to stay high. She tried to run from the past the futures destined to be; now she’s a battered junkie with no hope at 23. She didn’t care how hard he hit because she was convinced that that love was rough. Plus he showed his love when he tied her off to shoot up. She’d been trained that love was pain from childhood. She had her father to thank for the holding tank in which she now stood. With no room to breathe she OD’d clutching her teddy bear, the funeral was small only her mother and minister were there. Mom came home to pops drunk and passed out and with tears in her eyes she smothered him with a pillow that covered his mouth

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