Preparing for Capture 2

by Illogic & Blockhead



This is the Second Ep in the series Leading up to the Full length album "Capture the Sun".


released September 11, 2012

All songs Written By J. Glass (Except "from Scratch" Also written by Open Mike Eagle and HAs-Lo)

All Songs Produced by T. Simon (Blockhead)



all rights reserved


Illogic Columbus, Ohio


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Track Name: Heartless
Verse 1

Everything is happening faster than reaction time.

Concrete bipedal’s tried to run before their crawling fine.

Change is what you make of it.

The cusp is where that action grinds.

Never be too arrogant to recognize the battles neigh.

Concentrate the battle cry infiltrate the ladder climb.

You always said that you were partisan, but tell me where your heart has been.

Now you’re trying not to cry but cried wolf a thousand times.

So you stand alone when the revolutions televised.

Simpleton with Ritalin candy addiction glamorized.

Failure is a virtue when it’s bottled up and advertised.

More conformed with every lie more confused with every try, but you don’t want to start again so tell me where your heart has been.

I am where the sky mates with the cityscape.

Horizon is my resting place, scuba when the levies break.

There’s nowhere to run when ego chooses to annihilate.

Try to take a chance if you can stand where the piranha wait, where they congregate to feast and dominate.

If the truth can make you cringe tell me where your heart has been.

Sanity unstable as the shifting plates the Earth in cases.

Hide vanity with grace to relish in the look on your face.

Shattering the foundation placement of each mask you make.

Laughing at the lack of competence in each step you take.

There’s no hope for clean slate if the mirror intimidates.

Love isn’t a part of him so tell me where your heat has been.

Verse 2

Creeping up the mountain touting Lightning rod and tackle box

Hope to hook a destiny to offset the after shock

Vigilante movement master silence as the Vatican

Humble with perfection here to crumble the establishment

Cynicism Diligent you drip with empty promises

Sun is on horizon though the path you made is Ominous

Peace is in our hearts with every spark your spouting evil

Attempt to build your Idles on the backs of people

Monetary malfunction Melancholy Focused

Force feeding fear till living legacy is hopeless

Breathing is a burden herding laughter of the prominent

Called to action Lungs filled with passion till were Dominant

Vibrate the elders with vigor till they wake up

Remove the mask you hide behind no time to fix your make up

Whos going to save you when the sky falls

It only takes an open heart a prayer and a phone call

Verse 3

Systematic relevance of basking in the lime light

Progression is a burning bush each consequence is finite

Tomorrow is an open door protected by your hindsight

Forge ahead with fore site just be conscious of the brake lights

There’s no accident all that happening for you tonight

You rocked you favorite Cardigan but tell me where ya heart has been

Quality control awarded stamping of approval

The Flight you boarded doesn’t have the comfort that you’re used to

You feel so out of place you find a pace and hope is sooths you

Quasi Queasy stomach easy turbulence so brutal

Twists and turns abundant all the pendants hope they lose you

And find someone your smarter than to tell me where your heart has been

I am where the lightning flashes Speaking to the Masses

What you see is what you get no rosy colored glasses

Faith Full coverage Liable protect from ego crashes

Signal flair alert the family structures burned to ashes

Novice mastered round of applause from thunder clapping

Trying to find that spark again but don’t know where your heart has been

Came to earth to go about the business of my father

Perfection is impossible forgiveness is the mantra

Avoiding the divisive that try to divide and conquer

By injecting the distractions of the all mighty dollar

Can you be my brother no matter the color of my collar?

Your talking the right talk let’s just hope you have a heart
Track Name: Dreamin
Verse 1

Now lets attempt to keep the failure to a minimum

Immersed within a revolution birth of the continuum

I live to breath my dream will shed blood to keep a promise

You can lead the flocks to harvest if you prove to be dishonest

Gathered all my pennies to purchase a personal rainbow

Just as a reminder that the storm will always pass

But I think eventually I’ll lose my marbles

If they don’t lower the price of living but they keep raising the price of gas

Automated crooks personify our deep desires

hardly shook but look they got us burning book in Kendal fire

And ever so subtly diluting our freedoms subtleties

Positioning undertow pitfalls hoping for no recovery

“Let keep em walking in circles around the Ballot box

Cause no matter the choice they make we puppeteer the aftershock

And if they ever doubt that human rights have been depleting

Just open your eyes we enjoy plain sight when feeding.”

I rose to the occasion one pedal at a time

Today my Journal entry’s titled Fight and that’s the best advise I’ve heard this week

There’s no time for laughs comedies divine

When you clock in be sure to bow to the shine oh my god I must be dreamin


Wake up Snooze is not an option

There waiting for you to give up and toss the towel in

But if we stand up rasie a fist and say no more

One day we’ll live it up along the sea shore…(Repeat)

Verse 2

I’m conscious of the findings persevered the path to porridge

Halt the laugh observing fear a constant refrain of the chorus these days

Their love is wrapped inside a lovely box of bankrupt

And I’ll continue painting poems perfectly while handcuffed

I’m mesmerized by all the merciless delusional

Standards Of morality the creep into your purchases

Unusual patterns of our cultural Iconic figure heads

That hardly make it to old age it so Ironic

Look, I’ll extend my vocal just so you can save your voice

No I don’t know but I’ll sacrifice my life to save your choice

They Can Never say illogic sold his soul to save face

But when I sell my car I’ll save my License plate just in case

“Well burn em at the stake and name him heretic

He now investing hope where discouraged and disparaged live

We’ve buried sunshine 6 feet beneath the soil sealed tomb

He now arrived with picks and shovels to exhume”

We’re placing sunshine in a stormy sky

Today my Journal entry’s titled Live and that’s the bet advice I’ve heard in weeks

Forgive me if I smile my happiness is laminated

After this we hunt then execute the wrath of hatred
Track Name: Precautionary Measures
Precautionary Measures Birth a failure to communicate

Hatred is a dish best served on a platinum plate

Hes here to smile and wave to the ocean

paparazzi flash crops reality's emotion

Head for the hills though we walk through the valley

For the shadow of deaths all around so don't crowd me

I'm Claustrophobic need room to breath

They act as if they want the role but scared to take the lead

Masterpiece theater Feature presentation

Glitz and glamor show a panoramic view of desperation

Replicate the "Training Day" Give statuettes for evil

Pedestals for villains heroes flop in the sequels

I'm Only built for cult classics

Half baked on a full stomach bleeding out of habit

Believe in your circles but break from you boxes

Cause they can only hurt you when you limiting your options

Shoot for the stars till they fall from the sky

That impact makes the eye of Jupiter cry

Every point is scary cause life is but a dream

So every meal prepared isn't exactly what it seems

Try to check the serving size

When they commence for feeding you don't act surprised

There's no surprise when they regurgitate

Because precautionary measures birth a failure to communicate.
Track Name: Uncharted Path
Don’t even talk to me if you ain’t trying to change

I’m looking to evolve you content to stay the same

I couldn’t picture my master pieces in a frame

Cause I think outside the box cut the lox because it was time

Weightless here to stay like Diabetes

Searched the planets and universes can’t find a liver species

Never been a mac but never pc

Politically incorrect when I project whatever’s on my mind

Beautiful wife and kids no more to ask for

Lookin to travel the globe and collect some stamps on my passport

Buildin for my future past yours

You careers my last resort after I resort to violence

So keep your eyes open theses no Zolpidem allowed

I’ve magnified my focus on the goals that I’ve compiled

Stolen moments of common sense I extend beyond the crowd

Pause for amazement They can only resort to silence

Tried to get a head and disregarded every body

Had to choose either uncharted path or carbon copy

Standing stern on a promise Medusa couldn't rock me

You built your house on sand and can't understand why your sinkin

Martyrdom Hardly comes to a peasant

Only the gifted in attendance raise your hand if your present

I'm a student of life and while class is in session

I absorb the message from every lesson given while day dreamin
Track Name: Wing Span
I promise to only recall the smiles you offer in dreams

To Never again allow Doubt to weigh down my wings

Make sure to spread full span and glide into destiny

The dog days will never get the best of me

Lets commit to living a life and not just being alive

3.7 degree of difficulty swan dive no splash

If ever you cry I’ll bottle your tears

Just to swallow your pain in the blink on an eye

I’ll lasso the stars just hold out your hands

I’ll gift-wrap your dreams if given a chance

I’ll deliver the sun just open the door

The Oceans yours if you want just guide me to shore

I’ll paint you a legacy just hold my hand

I’ll write you a universe if given a chance

Don’t miss this opportunity to open the door

The My love is yours if you want it guide me to shore

I promise to recall the laughter you offer in dreams

To be your crutch when ever needed by any means

Lets magnify the success in learning from failure

Then happiness gets more familiar

Lets commit to living a life and not just being alive

Enjoy the fruits of our labor and not just survive

If ever you cry I’ll bottle your tears

Just to swallow your pain in the blink on an eye